My Late Night Internet Binge

I couldn’t sleep, not for the life of me. I tried taking something to help me sleep, even tried drinking, nothing works! So, I decided to bore myself by searching random stuff online. In my excursions into the online nether I clicked on a link that said view our site for party buses. I had never heard of a party bus before! Apparently they are like this new big thing. People rent these things out so they can fit a lot of people in one area and get hauled off to a party somewhere.

Surprisingly there are even party buses that the party is actually on the bus and it just drives your party all over the city! I thought this was interesting, because I had never heard it, and also because I’m not that big into hanging out with a bunch of people especially in a closed off space like a bus. I found some pictures of these people partying on their buses, and they really seemed to be having a great time. I imagined I would see people dancing and drinking with a disco ball hanging from the ceiling of the bus. To my dismay they aren’t really like that!

If I were to be on a party bus I would want to be able to really get my party on, drink alcohol, dance to my hearts content and listen to loud music. There is a bit of that, but no alcohol as it’s illegal to drive with open containers, and apparently red solo cups are considered open containers if there is alcohol in them. Guess my party bus experience will consist of virgin daquiries and shirley temples!

Wow, you know, sitting here staring at people having fun all night while I’m here trying to fall asleep only makes it harder to sleep. I need to search for something a little more boring if I want to get the job done tonight.

Picking Them Up in Style at the Airport

My parents moved to Florida a few years ago, and they haven’t been back to Toronto since then. They are planning to come this Christmas though, and everyone is really excited about it. They are going to split their visit between my family, my sister’s family and my dad’s brother. There are about 20 people here who are all excited to see them, and we have been planning on how to make their first day here one that we can all enjoy. That is why I did a search for party bus Toronto limo.

I know people tend to use limos for really special occasions like proms and weddings, but this was a super special occasion for our family. (more…)